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This is Anxiety Society, a blog I started to share my thoughts on depression, anxiety, and mental health in general. The purpose of the site is to let people know that it’s ok to feel this way and that other people out in the world feel the same way. I hate the cliche phrase “you’re not alone” because it doesn’t cut to the core truth about these particular mental health issues, which is more than being alone, it’s that it’s ok to feel this way. I am passionate about sharing my own stories and hearing how other people cope. I decided to make trucker hats, shirts and hoodies because 1. I like them, and 2. I figured I could sell them and make some money on the side while also donating a portion of the profits to mental health organizations. Unfortunately, I've been too inundated with work to keep the site updated and have decided to put it on pause while I can move the blog to another platform and get caught up.

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